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Our tourism operator arose in 1998 as a company that supports the tourist activities developed by The Golondrinas Foundation while also offering tourist destinations among the differing regions of Ecuador such as the Jungle, the Sierra, the Oriente, and Galápagos thus allowing the generation of income to be able to continue the objectives of the organization.

What are the Ecotourism and Agrotourism Programs at The Golondrinas Foundation?

The Ecotourism Program developed by The Golondrinas Foundation in 1993 represents a way to financially sustain our organization by promoting tourism in the region and generating alternative income for the communities in the area while remaining committed to conservation of natural resources and the proper protection of the Cerro Golondrinas Cloud Forest.

We invite you to enjoy our different trek and excursion packages. Both local and international guests can get to know the natural beauty of the Cerro Golondrinas Cloud Forest. Your participation will contribute to supporting the Foundation’s programs of environmental education classes and forest conservation.

More information about the accomodation available from the Golondrinas Foundation is available here.

Golondrinas Traditional - 4 days

This four day journey invites you to experience three different ecosystems such as the páramo, cloud forest and subtropical zone. We start out at 4,000 meters and trek down to 1,000 meters.

In the páramo of El Ángel Ecological Reserve you can enjoy the gorgeous frailejones typical of this area at 4,000 meters in altitude. With a little luck you can also see native species such as the Andean Gull, Páramo Wolf or Andean fox, White Tailed Deer and Andean Condor.

Next we visit the community of Moran, at the foot of the páramo, where we receive the friendly welcome and hospitality of the community and get a glimpse of their daily life. Later on, we enter into the Mirador Golondrinas Protected Cloud Forest Reserve. Here we will find beautiful rivers, waterfalls and exuberant vegetation comprised of epiphytes, palm trees, and orchids among others. Two days are spent here in primary forest in our cozy cabin at El Corazón.

On the fourth day we descend to the subtropical zone and visit the demonstration farm known as Peña Negra. This farm is a model of the techniques applied to improve and recuperate the soil. A variety of fruit trees, forest trees and vegetables are grown here. This area serves as a training site for locals, visitors, students and interested parties.

Golondrinas Páramo - 3 days

People Walking

Walking Tour.

Day 1
We visit the El Ángel Ecological Reserve where we take a short three hour hike to see the abundant vegetation of the frailejones in the páramo and how it transitions into cloud forest until we arrive to the waterfall called El Pailón. Later, we return to the páramo and take a road trip to the Afro-Imbaburan community settlements where a cultural rescue project is going on through the elaboration of handicrafts. Our last stop on this day is the village of Guallupe.
Day 2
After a delicious breakfast, we set out to visit the Mirador Golondrinas Reserve, about a four hour hike and horseback ride to El Corazón, an enchanting area in our region of primary forest.
Day 3
We visit the flora and fauna of the area and then the demonstration sites in the cloud forest at the Santa Rosa Training Center. We will also visit Peña Negra, a demonstration site for crop diversity and the application of agricultural techniques.

Golondrinas Traditional - 3 days

This trip will allow you to know even more about The Golondrinas Foundation’s activities and the natural and tourist attractions in this region.

Day 1
We start from Guallupe and head to the Protected Forest on horseback and by foot towards Santa Rosa and El Corazón, where we will enjoy its spectacular scenery.
Day 2
We hike through primary forest, visiting some walking paths in the area and taking in the beauty of the region.
Day 3
Saying goodbye to El Corazón, we descend to Santa Rosa where the Foundation has its Educational and Training Center. Here we will visit the demonstration sites that have been established in the cloud forest. In the afternoon, we will visit the Peña Negra demonstration site where we can see the application of eroded soil recuperation techniques and crops alternating with timber yielding trees and nitrogen fixing plants.

Santa Rosa, the magic and charm of Golondrinas - 2 days

Day 1
We invite you to enjoy a two day tour in which we will visit the Santa Rosa demonstration site arriving by horseback. At Santa Rosa you can see the naranjilla demonstration areas as well as those of other fruits. To cool off, we’ll have a refreshing swim at the foot of a waterfall. In the afternoon, we can take a walk through the forest to watch the nesting birds such as Cock of the Rock and a variety of toucans, and butterflies, among others.
Day 2
After a tour of the area, we will return to the subtropical zone and visit the Peña Negra demonstration site whose applications of eroded soil recuperation and a variety of crops serve as a model for ecological change.

Agrotourist Visit to Peña Negra Farm - 1 Day


This trip allows you to understand the socio-ecological problem that is developing in the area and how the Golondrinas Foundation is working to correct it. The Peña Negra demonstration farm’s sustainable agroforestry and permaculture techniques allow the provision of a variety of products and offer an alternative to production in the short and long terms.

At this farm you can see both native and introduced species, taste the 100% organic products they offer, and experience more activities around the village of Guallupe.

Other Services

We also offer well organised tours and services at competitive prices:

Many Galápagos Cruise options.

We offer tours to Galápagos of five or eight days with the best boats from each category (from economy to luxury) at very competitive prices. We also offer diving tours, hotels and flights.

Trekking in the Jungle

We invite you to live an adventure inside the majestic Amazonian primary forest where you can travel through the river Napo by canoe. We spend a whole day travelling down the river; taking breaks to look for animals and to practice the art of the blowpipe but beware there are Caymans in the shores. Get amazed with the variety of flowers and animals you will find along our walks into the jungle. Climb waterfalls, swing of lianas, swim in lagoons of crystalline water, and come to feel for yourself what it means to be in real contact with the nature. Our experienced forest guides assist you in all the activities and they will also take you to visit a Quichua indigenous community to learn from their culture and share their customs and traditions.

We also offer Rafting tours in two different rivers. If Rafting is not for you Tubing is also very popular for less adventurous souls.

We invite you to share comfortable cabins with excellent views of the Ecuadorian forest. Our lodges in the Amazonian jungle are located 100mtrs above the Anzu river. These cabins are located near the primary forest and they are typical constructions built by indigenous families

Weekend tours.

We offer you weekend tours to Cotopaxi (5897 m. active volcano), Pasochoa (andine forest trekking), Papallacta (natural hot springs in an alpine valley), Quilotoa (one of the most beautiful lakes in Ecuador), Tuvalu and Cotacachi (indigenous market towns) and more. All tours include transport, guides, accommodation and meals. You can also take these tours during the week.

Climbing Mountains.

We work along the best companies who specialise in organising climbs to the highest peaks in Ecuador like Cotopaxi, Chimborazo, Rumiñahui, Ilinizas, Cayambe, Antisana, Pichincha amongst others.

Organised circuits for groups

We offer 21 days organised circuits for groups (minimum 5 persons) where you will be able to get to know all the different regions in the country and their main cultural and natural attractions. Please contact us for further information.

Airport transfers

Transfers airport-hotel-airport. Executive taxis and vans for any kind of itinerary or transportation.

Spanish Classes (individual or in groups)

We work with the most prestigious schools of Spanish in Quito, Otavalo, Puerto Lopez and other locations around the world. We offer individual or group lessons, improvement in specific areas. Flexible times.

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