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Since The Golondrinas Foundation (GF) receives no financial governmental support, we have created alternative programs to finance our organization such as:

  1. Environmental Training

    The Golondrinas Foundation works with local schools in the management and protection of natural resources through talks, videos and trips to its demonstration sites.

  2. Technical Advice

    The Golondrinas Foundation has facilities and trained personnel to disseminate permaculture based farming techniques.

  3. Ecotourism

    Visitors can get to know the area and the Foundation’s activities by following two separate routes.

    Route 1
    Páramo del Ángel- Cerro Golondrinas- Guallupe
    Route 2
    Guallupe- Cerro Golondrinas

    These 2, 3, or 4 day treks are an excellent way to witness the beauty of the forest and learn about the Foundation’s activities in the area.

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  4. Agrotourism

    The Golondrinas Foundation promotes agrotourism by leading hikes throughout the agroforest developed areas.

  5. Student Internships

    We have the appropriate facilities for students to do their training within our projects.

  6. Volunteering and Scientific Research

    The Golondrinas Foundation offers many opportunities to actively participate in our projects. Volunteers are asked to commit to a certain period of time. In return, you are certain to make new friends and gain new experiences.

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  7. Knowledge Exchange

    The Golondrinas Foundation is available to share its knowledge with other public or private institutions in meetings, talks or visits for a fee.

Below we outline specific projects to which you can contribute. Any donation, no matter how small, is extremely important to support the activities of our organization. We invite you to be a member of The Golondrinas Foundation.

Adopt a Hectare

The Golondrinas Team

The fundamental goal of The Golondrinas Foundation is to protect the Cerro Golondrinas area which makes up an extension of 25,000 hectares. From 1991 until now, we have managed to protect a 1,500 hectare area of cloud forest, which is mainly primary forest. This has been made possible thanks to the support from the Casa de Eliza hostel, the 2, 3 and 4 day Golondrinas treks, personal donations, volunteers, and self-management among others.

We would like to invite you to participate in the support of the Cerro Golondrinas area by adopting a hectare with a contribution of $200 USD per hectare. Whether you are an organization or individual, your donation can help us purchase more of the cloud forest within the Cerro Golondrinas. Expanding our Reserve will allow for conservation of the forest and the biodiversity it contains.

In 2003, the Cerro Golondrinas Reserve and the El Angel Ecological Reserve were both designated AICAs (important areas for bird conservation). This is yet another vital reason we need your support in protecting the Cerro Golondrinas area.

Environmental Education with Local Children

The Golondrinas Foundation’s staff and volunteers are currently working in conjunction with five local schools to promote environmental protection via courses and talks. Our specific programs are:

  • Arbor Day Celebration
  • Tree Planting
  • Field trips to natural areas, zoos and museums
  • Visits to GF’s demonstration sites: Peña Negra and the Cerro Golondrinas Protected Forest Reserve

Establishment of Video Libraries

The video libraries would be a cultural space in which children and members of the community could learn about the value of the trees and natural resources as well as inspire apprenticeship in valuing the resources Mother Nature has to offer.

Una mariposa

This project consists of implementing video libraries in local schools where children can become familiar with the relationship between man and nature through videos and documentaries. It is important to emphasize that GF has had various educational videos donated, leading to the establishment of three video libraries in 2003. They are located in the communities of Cuajara, Guallupe, and Goalchan. The existing videos have been so well received that we decided to expand the video library network in the area. Your support financially or in the provision of educational materials will allow us to continue this project.

To increase and expand the video library program, we need the following furniture and equipment:

  • 12 DVD players
  • 1 fax machine
  • 2 copy machines
  • 12 televisions
  • 12 TV stands with room for DVD player
  • 22 book shelves
  • Cultural books on Ecuador and the neighboring regions of the project
  • Stories, puppets
  • Blank CDs

We would like to take a moment to thank those who have already given their support towards this program. A group of friends from Germany and other environmental organizations in Ecuador, such as Fundación Natura and Programa del Plan Chocó, among others, provided us with didactic material.

Summer Schedule: Handicrafts

Another of GF’s projects is to continue providing courses during the summer months of July, August and September. The Handicrafts Workshops are aimed at children and young adults in the community. Using local materials such as seeds, bamboo, dried leaves, river pebbles, and recycled material (paper, plastic), we represent the art, customs and traditions of each place with the idea that the people’s culture in these villages not be lost.

Raising Small Animals (Chickens)

The goal of this project is to reproduce small animals, like chickens, and subsequently incorporate other kinds of animals. Local children and Golondrinas Foundation staff will care for the animals and sell them in the villages. This income will help the children buy school supplies at the beginning of the school year. We started this project two years ago and hope to continue expanding it in the future.

Thanks to a Peace Corps volunteer, Micky Corney, this project was initiated in 2000. She arranged for the construction of the chicken coop and the purchase of the chickens and we’ve kept this project going ever since.

We are grateful for any donation you can contribute.

Please send directly to our bank account

Fundación Golondrinas
Phones: 593 6 2648679 / 593 6 2648662
Mobile: 593 9 9228440 / 593 9 8291 2494

Please remit the deposit slip or bank draft via e-mail.

For more information rnaturaleza@hotmail.com or fgolondrinas@yahoo.com


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