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Cerro Golondrinas Protected Forest Reserve

The Cerro Golondrinas Reserve is part of the Chocó Mountain Range. Considered one of the richest areas in the neotropic, this type of cloud forest is known for its epiphytes, orchids, and a wide variety of bromeliads, some of which are probably unique to the zone.

Given the large variety of micro-niches in the area, the rates of biodiversity and endemism are exceptionally high. Flora and fauna scientists and aficionados have an opportunity to observe various species such as toucans, parakeets, armadillos, parrots, hummingbirds, cock of the rock, foxes, deer, puma and groups of nomadic monkeys among others.

The Golondrinas Foundation manages the Cerro Golondrinas Protected Forest Reserve with approximately 1,500 hectares of cloud forest, most of which is primary forest. The reserve is located at the base of the Cerro Golondrinas Mountain, which extends approximately 25,000 hectares. Our main objective is to protect this entire region with its important biodiversity and water resources, on which the Lower Río Mira Valley communities depend.

The Cerro Golondrinas Protected Forest Reserve includes an area called Santa Rosa, with demonstration farm sites in secondary forest and an area called El Corazón, in primary forest.

In 2003, the Cerro Golondrinas Reserve along with the El Ángel Ecological Reserve was declared an AICA area (an important area for bird conservation), which shows the value of protecting Cerro Golondrinas and its surroundings.

Our organization offers the opportunity to participate in the application of different initiatives. The Protected Forest Reserve and its facilities are available for scientific research and educational projects which can provide more information regarding viable alternatives in the development and profitability of the area’s natural resources.

Our mission is to expand the boundaries of the Cerro Golondrinas Reserve so that more forest and its rich biodiversity can be protected and preserved.


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