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Scientific Studies, Thesis and Pratical Program

Recent Research

Dr. Joe Clark of the Smithsonian Institution
is one of our frequent academic visitors,
click here to see a summary of his research.

The Golondrinas Foundation is dedicated to the conservation of natural resources, conservation of cloud forest, recuperation of eroded soils, and environmental education in the lower Rio Mira valley between the provinces of Imbabura and Carchi. In this mountainous region, inadequate agricultural management such as burning, row planting, overgrazing, and high levels of water erosion have resulted in soil degradation and thus, a loss in soil productivity.

The Golondrinas Foundation's Scientific Studies, Thesis and Practicum Program allows both national and international undergraduate or graduate students to conduct a project that contributes to the knowledge of the socio-cultural and ecological problem in the region of influence where The Golondrinas Foundation carries out its activities and offers feasible alternatives to improve the situation in the area. Consequently, the Foundation has demonstration sites from the mountainous area of the Cerro Golondrinas Protected Forest Reserve, Santa Rosa, Las Juntas to the Peña Negra Demonstration Farm, which are available for different studies related to the research subject of sustainable agriculture. Students can also do their practicum through the use of signage or models to benefit the tourist side of the Cerro Golondrinas Protected Cloud Forest Reserve.

The price for students is: $5.00 per day for three meals.

The Golondrinas Foundation will support students with the following:

  • . Accomodation
  • . Access to the Foundation’s demonstration sites (Peña Negra, Santa Rosa, Las Juntas).
  • . Assistance from administrative and base staff in the organization.
  • . Connecting the student with the community via established agreements such as introductory talks and other activities.
  • . Informative material on previous studies that will aid in the collection of data.

National and international students who do research or practicum must:

  1. . Present a simple letter stating the project and participant’s name
  2. . Agree to remain in The Golondrinas Foundation’s area for a determined amount of time for this will be essential to understand the Foundation’s objectives and activities and the development of their project.
  3. . Complete all the arrangements established by The Golondrinas Foundation for the execution of this research (volunteer regulations and recommendations from those responsible in the organization).
  4. . Recognize that the official language is Spanish. Lack of knowledge of the language will not be cause for discontent in the project.
  5. . Submit a written report of the activities realized during their stay and collection of data or a practicum report with related instructions and information.
  6. . Submit a copy of their report in both a written and an electronic format (CD) to the Foundation’s office in Quito.

If you need further information, do not hesitate to rnaturaleza@hotmail.com or fgolondrinas@yahoo.com

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